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Look here for our plans.

1.8/9 Updates!

Excitement! I finally figured out shading and now our tile generation is 100% compatible with 1.9 terrain.pngs! If you would like to see any texture packs here, please let me know!

Here's a list of things we've added:

  • Powered Tracks/Detectors
  • New halfblocks and stairs (most of them)
  • New brick types, birch
  • Tall grass! Coming soon in more biome colors.

There's more to come as 1.9 is released including (finally!) leaves and grass, the mushroom textures, fences, and maybe multi-block entities!

Minor Updates, and 1.8

Okay, it's been a while since we updated the software. Have definitely seen lots of copycats in the last few months.

We're still a long way from true 3D planning/editing but there are some important updates we still need to add for a proper working 2D mapper. I'd like to save these for after Minecraft 1.8 so that we can include all the new stuff, but it boils down to two major concepts-- Placing objects bigger than one block (like doors, beds, and extended pistons) and coloring the "mask" type textures (like redstone and leaves)

1.3 Party!

Added on 1.3 day:

-All the new 1.3 halfblocks (cobble, wood, standstone)
-TOP DOWN STAIRS! I saw a lot of you were using stairs from a top down perspective and it was very ugly. Now you can use these and they will look more like schematics.

See an example here

Got the goods?

We're looking for people to help me program this and some other gaming projects. Leave a comment if you're interested and we'll get in touch!

Depending on what you're interested in doing there may be some money in it for you.


And some plain ol' math and geometry

Crafty Miner Alpha

We have built this application to support the cubefarming communty in Minecraft

Special thanks to Drupal and JQuery for making this possible.

Who's we?

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