How do I start?

Create an account or log in. Then go to "Mine Prints" on the left hand side. Use the form to create new ones of your desired length and width.

What's the largest mineprint we can make?

Right now it seems to be performing pretty well. It can handle about about 20,000 squares at a time, though for optimal browser performance we recommend 50x50 and smaller. An update is planned which should allow very large planning spaces with fewer performance problems.

Why no 3D?

We'd like to see how people use the app before we develop the complicated 3D part. This part will not be 3D but rather will allow you to have multiple planes (read 'height') of the current grid system and be viewable from the sides and the top. It could eventually be exported to some format down the line that map editors and other software could work with.

Why is the site slow?

If it is, we didn't know how many people to expect. Thankfully, we have other servers to throw around if this does happen so it should be fixed in a short period.