Hi! It’s easy to begin planning your next big Minecraft project with Crafty Miner.

Getting Started

To start, click Mine Prints on the left sidebar. This allows you to create new mineprints as well as view your previous projects. Simply enter the desired length and width for your design as well as a name for your project and click “Create new mineprint.”

Placing a block

Now you’ll be in the editing screen. Click on your desired material on top, and then click anywhere on the grid to place a block of that material.

Drawing a line

To place a line of a material, click and drag from one tile on the grid to another and then release.

Drawing a circle

To place a circle of material, select a material, then click on the circle icon directly below the material selection area. Click anywhere on the grid to select where your circle will begin. Then, move the mouse cursor to another tile, and a circular outline will appear. Once you are satisfied with the placement, click, and your circle will be created from the selected material.

Deleting Blocks

You can erase a tile by holding ctrl and clicking on it. You can erase in a line by holding down ctrl while clicking and dragging the mouse cursor over the desired area, and erase in a circle by holding down ctrl while using the circle tool.


Save your mineprint often by clicking on the Save icon underneath the material selection area. This will allow you to come back and view previously created designs, as well as share them with your friends.

To view a previously made design, click the name you assigned to it at the bottom of the Mine Prints page and it will load. Once it is loaded, you can click Edit in the top tab bar to make changes to your design, and you can click Properties to change the size or title of your mineprint.

Material Count

From the View window you can click on Materials List to display which materials were used in your mineprint, as well as a tally of how much of each material you would need to create it in-game.

Starting from an image

You can even upload your own image and have Crafty Miner create a print for you using the appropriate in-game materials. Simply click “Mine Prints” on the sidebar, then click “Create a print from file” on the sidebar or on the top tab bar. Then, select an image file from your computer, enter a title for your project, and click “Create new mineprint from file.” You will then be able to edit the print to your liking.


Sharing mineprints with your friends is easy as well! Simply load a finished mineprint, and at the bottom of the View window click to “Like” it on Facebook or submit it to Reddit.

Have fun Crafting!