Things we are working on

Demo print here

  • Tracks, redstone, stairs, single stone slabs (half-blocks)Done
  • Zoom out Done
  • Upload images to convert to blocks Done(click Mine Prints when you're logged in and you'll see a link to it)
  • A help page, with instructions Done

Things we are planning on

  • Comments Done
  • Projects (collections of blueprints)
  • Private blueprints
  • A separate redstone simulator
  • Doors!
  • Toggle dark/light background
  • Top/Side Perspectives
  • Preview Images Done
  • Powered Tracks Done
  • Redstone Repeaters

What about 3D?

That planning-on list is a long one, but most of those are small steps up to having a 3D model. Eventually this could be very useful and be used to create objects that could be imported into the game with a mod. If you are the maintainer of a mod that does things like that and would like to develop an import format with us please drop us a line on the Contact page.